Brian Potts
Road Foreman
    Bobby Turner

Bern Township is in Penn DOT District 5

In Bern Township there are more than 53 miles of Township roads, 17 miles of State roads and 4 miles of County roads, a total of 74 miles.

State Arterial Roads Highways SR 0222
SR 0183
State Major Rural Collector RoadsCounty Welfare Road
Cross Keys Road
West Leesport Road
State Minor Rural Collector RoadsButter Lane
Fairview Drive
Grange Road
Hilltop Road
Old Bernville Road
Palisades Road
Reber’s Bridge Road
Rickenbach Road
Upper Van Reed Road
White Oak Lane
Berks County RoadCounty Welfare Road
Bern Township RoadsAll other roads are Twp
except for Private roads
The What, Why & Where of Roundabouts in Pennsylvania
a presentation by PennDOT Roundabout Coordinator Jeff Bucher
Oil and Chip on Roadways
Roundabouts by PennDOT
Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual
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