04_2021 Planning Agenda

APRIL 13, 2021

  1. Call to Order
  2. Acceptance of Minutes
  3. Subdivision/Land Development Plans:
    a. Ammeraal Revised Sketch Plan
    b. SUNCAP Revised Sketch Plan
  4. Discussion of Township parking ordinance as presented by Burkey Development Group, Berks
    IDA and Greater Berks Development Fund.
  5. Solicitor
  6. Adjourn





Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A.              CONSENT AGENDA

Consider Motion to approve consent agenda:

___ 1. Approval of March 2, 2021 Meeting Minutes

___ 2. Accept finance report, subject to audit

Balances (as of April 6, 2021) General Fund: $

State Account: $ PLGIT: $

Certificate of Deposits: $545,887.95 Expenses: $

  ___ 3. Approve payment of bills on list as presented


              ___ 1. Discussion / Approval of Traffic Regulation Ordinance


              ___ 1. Police Department

              ___              (a) – Discussion of Participants to Serve on Hiring Board

              ___              (b) – Discussion / Approval to Assign Fire Police to World War II Weekend


___ 1. Planning Commission

___              (a) – Discussion / Approval of Stormwater Waivers to Sections 149-20.A;

149-20.E; 149-20.G and 149-24.B For Berks County Gring’s Mill Project

___              (b) – Discussion / Approval of Berks County Stormwater Agreement for Gring’s

Mill Project

              ___              (c) – Discussion / Approval of 6 Homestead Drive Stormwater Agreement

E.              ROAD DEPARTMENT

___ 1. Discussion / Approval of Road Contract #1 – Seal Coat

              ___ 2. Discussion / Approval of Road Contract #2 – Paving

              ___ 3. Discussion / Approval to Close 2021 Road Project Roads for Prepwork               

___ 4. Discussion of Alvernia University Request to Vacate Cedar Hill Drive

              ___ 5. Ratification to Begin Process to Hire an Assistant Road Foreman

F.              ADMINISTRATION

___ 1. Discussion / Approval of Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with

Leesport Borough

              ___ 2. Ratification of CD Reinvestment that Matured on March 28, 2021

              ___ 3. Discussion / Approval of Manager’s Job Description

              ___ 4. Discussion / Approval of Road Foreman Job Description

              ___ 5. Discussion / Approval of Assistant Road Foreman Job Description

              ___ 6. Discussion / Approval of Appointment to Solid Waste Advisory Commission

              ___ 7. Discussion of Police Bargaining Committee Members

___ 8. Next meeting: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 7:00 PM

G.              PUBLIC COMMENT

H.              ADJOURNMENT

Plum Creek Bridge Closure

The bridge over Plum Creek on Reber’s Bridge Road, Bern Township, will be closed for construction work beginning on Monday, March 15, 2021, for approximately four months. It is anticipated that the work will likely be completed in less time, but a completion date estimate is not available at this time .

The detour for northbound traffic will be: Palisades Drive, County Welfare Road, and Hilltop Road; for southbound traffic: Hilltop Road, County Welfare Road, and Palisades Drive.

Motorists should not confuse this bridge construction site with the grate bridge over Tulpehocken Creek, which will remain open. The construction closure will be about 1/10 mile north of the grate bridge. Northbound traffic on Reber’s Bridge Road from State Hill toward Route 183 will be able to cross the Tulpehocken Creek and turn left onto Palisades Drive.

For GPS, the planned closure coordinates are {40.374289, -76.007799} or {40?22’27.445″N, 76?00’28.104″W}.

3/9/21 Planning Agenda

MARCH 9, 2021

  1. Call to Order
  2. Acceptance of Minutes
  3. Subdivision/Land Development Plans:
    a. Ammeraal Sketch Plan
  4. Kick off discussion of Township parking ordinance as presented by Burkey Development Group, Berks IDA and Greater Berks Development Fund.
  5. Solicitor
  6. Adjourn

BTMA Bills & Payments

Getting Your Bill
BTMA bills are printed on postcards, then mailed to you via the U. S. Postal Service. Would you rather get your BTMA bill by email instead?Just click the green PDF link below and download the application form, fill it in, sign and return it to the BTMA office then we’ll set it up for you.
E-Mail My Bill Request Form

Several Ways to Pay Your Bill
BTMA offers an ACH Automatic Cash Transfer payment option: Your bill is automatically paid around the 22nd to the 25th each month using a bank account that you have selected. To apply fill in the PDF application form below, sign it and send it to the BTMA office. The ACH auto payment option has been described in the Bern Township Newsletter and has been available to our customers for about 2 years, at no charge to our consumers. Automatic Cash Transfer ACH Application Form
Pay Your Bill at VIST BANK on Rt 183
BTMA customers can also make their payments in person at the VIST Bank branch on Rt 183 at West Leesport Road, but to make your payment there you MUST have your BTMA bill, or a copy of it. 
Put your check in the Drop Box At Township Building
A drop box has been installed outside the building on the wall next to the front door of the Bern Twp. Municipal Building, but please pay by check, not cash if you use the drop box.

The BTMA Board is committed to keeping user fees steady for our 900+ customers so we try to keep our running costs low. (Rates for sewer customers went down just over a year ago.) We have two part-time employees who are always willing to answer questions for you.

Snow Emergency

If there is a fire hydrant on your property can you please clear snow away from it so emergency services can find the hydrant and use it if there is an emergency? Thank you.