Planning Commission


Steve Tricarico, Chairman
Jay Dailey, Vice Chairman
Glenn Sweigert, Secretary
Russ Adams
Jim Rumbaugh
Craig Priebe, Alternate
Kelly Wickersham, Alternate
Jim Colflesh, Alternate

Plans must be submitted to the Township for review at least three (3) weeks before the public meeting.

Due to the pandemic meetings are also held virtually.
Please call Twp office for details.

The Planning Commission reviews Subdivisions, Land Development Plans and proposed Zoning changes, then makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. It meets on
the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at:
Bern Township Municipal Building
    1069 Old Bernville Road
    Reading, PA 19605-9632
    Phone: 610-926-2267
    Fax: 610-926-9028

Planning Solicitor
    Keith Mooney, Esquire
    Barley Snyder
    501 Washington Street
    P.O. Box 942
    Reading, PA 19603-0942
    Phone: 610-376-6651

Meetings 2021AgendasMinutes
January 1201_202101_2021
February 9 02_2021 02_2021
March 903_2021 03_2021
April 1304_202104_2021
May 1105_202105_2021
June 806_202106_2021
July 1307_2021 07_2021
August 1008_2021 08_2021
September 14 09_2021
October 12 10_2021
November 9 11_2021
December 14 12_2021 
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Multiyear Planning Agenda Archive

YearNo Meeting InPlanning Agendas
2020Mar. Ap. Nov2020 Planning Agendas
2019Feb, Sept, Nov 2019 Planning Agendas
2018March 2018 Planning Agendas
2017March2017 Planning Agendas
Each PDF above contains agendas of all the meetings held that year

Multiyear Approved Planning Minutes Archive

YearNo Meeting inPlanning Minutes
2020Mar, Ap, Nov2020 Planning Minutes
2019Feb, Sept 2019 Planning Minutes
2018March 2018 Planning Minutes
2017March2017 Planning Minutes
Each PDF above contains minutes of all the meetings held that year