Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors meetings are usually held at the Township Building on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. The annual Reorganization meeting is held on the first Monday of January at 6:30 pm, except 2024 when it will be held on January 2.
Bern is a Township of the Second Class.

Supervisors are usually elected for a six year term.

    Irene Reed, Chair
    Jeff Thompson, Vice Chair
    Dr. Boyd C. Wagner III
    Brian Eveland
    Dan Tobias

Township Solicitor
    Timothy G. Dietrich, Esquire
    Barley, Snyder, LLC
    2755 Century Blvd.
Wyomissing, PA 19610
    Phone: 610-372-3500

Township Engineer
    Kent D. Morey. P.E.
    Spotts Stevens and McCoy Inc.
    1047 North Park Road
    PO Box 6307
    Reading PA 19610-0307
    Phone: 610-621-2000
    Fax: 610-621-2001

Building Inspector
Code Enforcement Officer
Zoning Officer

    LTL Consultants, Ltd.
    P.O.Box 241
    One Town Center Drive
    Oley, PA 19547
    Phone: 610-987-9290
    Fax: 610-987-9288

2024AgendasApproved Minutes
Jan 2Reorganization
Jan 2January01_2024_BoS
Feb 6February02_2024_BoS
Mar 5March03_2024_BoS
April 2April04_2024_BoS
May 7May05_2024_BoS
June 406_2024_BoS
July 207_2024_BoS
Aug 508_2024_BoS
Sept 309_2024_BoS
Oct 110_2024_BoS
Nov 411_2024_BoS
Dec 312_2024_BoS
2023AgendasApproved Minutes
Jan 3Reorganization Meeting
Jan 301_23_BoS01_2023_Supervisors Minutes
Feb 702_23_BoS02_2023_Supervisors Minutes
Mar 703_23_BoS03_2023_Supervisors Minutes
Apr 404_23_BoS04_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
May 205_23_BoS05_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
June 606_06_Bos06_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
July 307_03_BoS07_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
Aug 108_01_BoS08_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
Sept 509_05_BoS09_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
Oct 310_03_BoS10_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
Nov 611_06_BoS11_2023_Supervisors_Minutes
Dec 512_05_BoS12_2023_ Supervisors_Minutes
AugustAmended Agenda08_2023_Supervisor’s Meeting
Board of Supervisors Meetings 2023
2022AgendasApproved Minutes
Jan 301_22_BoS01_2022_BoS_Minutes
Feb 102_22_BoS02_2022_BoS_Minutes
March 103_22_BoS03_2022_BoS_Minutes
April 504_22_BoS04_2022_BoS_Minutes
May 305_22_ BoS05_2022_BoS_Minutes
June 706_22_BoS06_2022_BoS_Minutes
July 507_22_BoS07-2022_BoS_Minutes
Aug 208_22_BoS08_2022_BoS_Minutes
Sept 609_22_BoS09_2022_BoS_Minutes
Oct 410_22_BoS10_2022_BoS_Minutes
Nov 111_22_BoS11_2022_BoS_Minutes
Dec 612_22_BoS12_2022_BoS_Minutes
Board of Supervisor Meetings 2022

Recent Supervisors Agendas & Minutes

2020all meetingsBoS Approved Minutes for all of 2020
2021AgendasBoard of Supervisors Approved Minutes
Jan 401_2021_BoS01_04_2021_Minutes
Feb 202_2021_BoS02_02_2021_Minutes
Mar 203_2021_BoS03_02_2021_Minutes
Apr 604_2021_BoS04_06_2121_Minutes
May 405_2021_BoS05_04_2021_Minutes
June 106_2021_BoS06_01_2021_Minutes
July 607_2021_BoS07_06_2021_Minutes
Aug 308_2021_BoS08_03_2021_Minutes
Sept 709_2021_BoS09_07_2021_Minutes
Oct 510_2021_BoS10_05_2021_Minutes
Nov 111_2021_BoS11_1_2021_Minutes
Dec 712_2021_BoS12_04_2021_Minutes
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